Pelion’s state-of-the-art technology enhances our ability to provide the highest level of service and expertise. Pelion’s integrated services support a full complement of retirement plans. Specializing in expert plan design, administration and consulting for qualified employee benefit plans.

Owner Advantage Plans

The Owner Advantage Plan Retirement Plan is specially developed to maximum tax deferred contributions for owners; it delivers higher contribution limits by combining customized defined benefit and 401(k) plans.

Features of a Blended Plan

By sponsoring a qualified blended plan, employers can get the best features of both 401(k) and defined benefits plans:

The defined benefit plan can allow for large contributions for the business owners.
Defined benefit plans allow for larger annual contributions for each participant than 401(k) plans.  These limits are designed so the participant can achieve the maximum allowable benefit of $210,000 pear year, after retirement.

The 401(k) plan will provide an employer contribution to other employees so that non-discrimination and coverage rules can be satisfied.  These plans provide flexibility but they have strict contribution limits:
Employers and employees choose their contribution amounts.

Employees have individual accounts, which they can invest according to their own needs and preferences.
Employers can vary their contribution from year to year. Only $52,000 can be contributed each year per participant ($57,000 for those 50 and older). This includes both employee elected contributions and employer contributions.

The Importance of Keeping Plans Properly Funded

Keeping the defined benefit plan properly funded requires unique strategies:

Too much growth can lead to the plan becoming overfunded.
Overfunded plans may be forced to pay severe tax penalties.
Too little growth can cause a plan to become underfunded.

Pelion Investment Advisors

Pelion can offer investment solutions for both the defined benefit and 401(k) plans:

Pelion offers expert investment advice specifically tailored to keep defined benefit plan assets in the “sweet spot” between 100% and 150% of accrued benefits.

Pelion offers fiduciary services to insure that plan sponsors meet their fiduciary responsibility to provide advice as “prudent experts.”

By providing advice to both the 401(k) and defined benefit plan, Pelion can ensure aggregate assets are diversified and that risk is managed carefully to provide for the retirement needs of plan beneficiaries.

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